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Feb 10, 2019

For episode 17 I went to Berlin to meet the great J.Lamotta すずめ. Born in Tel Aviv with Moroccan roots, she studied Jazz to then come to Berlin to follow her own path. She plays all kinds of instruments, she's a singer, she's a producer and she's making sick beats. We talked about learning English with the help of Bob Marley, her tribute to J Dilla, about being a female producer, Scorsese's picture of the boxer Jake Lamotta, her soon to be released album “Suzume” and many other topics.

Enjoy the episode!


J.Lamotta すずめ

J.Lamotta すずめ Website

J.Lamotta すずめ on Spotify

J.Lamotta すずめ on Instagram

J.Lamotta すずめ on Twitter

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J.Lamotta すずめ on Spotify


All I See Is Blinkin' Lights

All I See Is Blinkin' Lights - Anhören & Social Media



Bob Marley - Redemption Song

Billie Holiday - All of me

Marvin Gaye - What's going on

Curtis Mayfield - We've Gote To Have Peace

Bill Withers - Use Me (Live)

J Dilla - Flowers

J.Lamotta すずめ - About Love#1 (J Dilla Tribute)

J.Lamotta すずめ - About Love#2 (J Dilla Tribute)

J.Lamotta すずめ - About Love#3 (J Dilla Tribute)

J.Lamotta すずめ - About Love#4 (J Dilla Tribute)

ear-sight // J.Lamotta Suzume // Beats on Road #17

Raging Bull Trailer

J.Lamotta すずめ & The Dizzy Sparrow - Se Love

Jakarta Records on Bandcamp

Illa J - Enjoy The Ride

FloFilz - Twosome

JuJu Rogers - Hungry (prod. by Bluestaeb)

Ivan Ave - Machines (prod. Mndsgn)

ill Camille - Black Gold

Suff Daddy - Makrowave